Hi I'm billy

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Who is billy?

  • Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles

  • My entire life was centered around sports. I played 3 sports in high school and won 2 state titles. Instead of playing sports in college, I wanted to party

  • In-between partying and going to class I became brainwashed into becoming an investment banker. I did everything I could to get there: thousands of “coffee chats”, studying “technicals” until 4 am, and starting an investing society.

  • During this time, I was also taking liberal arts classes, volunteering at schools in Inglewood, and representing the business school in the senate. These were two opposite experiences.

  • After I graduated, I turned down a 6 figure investment banking offer to join a Kleiner Perkins-backed startup as their 1st growth hire. 10,000 cold calls and a $100m valuation later I hated my life and left.

  • Then, I joined a small crypto newsletter started, which scaled to the largest newsletter in crypto, but again, I left, unsatisfied.

  • This time, I realized… it’s all a sham. The whole thing. Corporate America (and America in general). It’s all designed by the rich for the few. It really doesn’t matter how talented, smart, or hard you work, the few will always reap the wealth and even if you are lucky enough to be one of the few, you are doing the same thing to others.

  • Now, I spend my days reading, writing, making TikTok videos, interacting with my community, dating, watching sports, and working out. And trying to figure out how to create a better society where the ruling class aren’t the only ones entitled to a nice life.

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  • Member of a revolutionary political party

  • TikTok'er

  • Writing a personal blog

  • Acting

  • Writing a book (yes, a real book)

Previous Business Projects

  • Started an Investing Club at my undergrad that secured a $100k investment from the business school

  • First growth hire at a pre-seed startup. We hit a $100m valuation in less than 12 months. Did 10,000 cold calls in less than a year

  • Wrote a daily crypto newsletter that scaled to 275k+ people and sold for 7 figures

Previous Social Causes

  • Senator of the business school in undergrad.

  • Created the DEI initiative in the LMU business school, responsible for hiring 2 professors of color

  • Passed the OER resolution that allocated $35k of Open Educational Resources for undergraduate students at LMU.

  • Canvassed for a Congressowomen’s campaign

Values and Beliefs

  • I value doing creative things with my time: writing, making videos, working out, and having interesting conversations

  • Trying to fit in and denying your true nature will lead you down a miserable path

  • Capitalism is inherently flawed and we need a new system built by the working class

  • I believe everyone should read the classics, go on walks without your phone, spend time alone, and prioritize doing nothing

Things that give me joy

  • Going to the gym

  • Spending time with friends

  • Reading fiction

  • Writing

  • Playing basketball

  • Mentoring young people

  • Improv and standup comedy

  • History

  • Geography (love r/mapporn)


Karl Marx, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, Hellen Keller, Henry David Thorau, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, Russell White and Troy Thomas, Mark Fisher, Trotsky, Lenin, Pat Tillman,


1. Create a moneyless, classless society where everyone has their needs met and can do what they love2. Spending my time how I want: writing, creating, and being around good people